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Want To Explore If
We Should Work Together?

Schedule a 20 minute discovery call!

The first step to working with The Social Crown Team is a quick discovery call with Kia, that simply answers your questions and allows her to get an overall view of your needs. That call will be followed up with a proposal based on observed social presence and your expressed objectives.



During our session, she took the time to listen to my heart
as well as my short term and long term visions.
She grasped both immediately and was able to do the following:

1. Killed my fear and trepidation about planning and hosting my first webinar.
2. Outlined a plan to help me to develop, schedule my webinar launch date, develop an initial automation plan, identify the social media outlets where my target market lives, discuss how to market and automate my webinar and the “Showstopper”: created the bridge for me to capture lost potential clients, gave me a plan to connect with potential buyers that capitalizes on relationships in a way that is authentic to who I am, gave me a targeted Ad campaign strategy to take my business global, and promised to hold my hand until we have met all milestones and I am on my way!

I can’t say enough about Kia. She is a consummate professional, kind, a realist, a visionary, a true empathetic listener and someone who just genuinely
“gets it and gets me”!

/  dr. patrice j. carter  /