New Facebook Changes: Don't Panic, We Got This!


With the new changes announced by Facebook Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, many businesses are left wondering HOW to get attention they need on Facebook.

Yes, we are aware that most people access social media to connect with their family and friends, near and far. Because of this, I’m not at all upset about the changes (once again!) to Facebook’s algorithm. In fact, from a personal standpoint- I welcome it. We’re a military family…so I’m looking forward to hearing and seeing our nieces, nephew, siblings, parents and friends in my newsfeed more often. I'm sure on some level you can relate.

But, from a BUSINESS aspect, some will have to reevaluate the type of content they share and how they share it in order to stay seen and relevant.

When you visit The Social Crown’s website the first thing you see is the tagline- Deeper connections. Better Community. That’s been our mission from Day 0. Not for nothing…but THANK YOU Facebook for catching up with us. 🤣😉


When it comes to our clients, both current and prospective, there are specific questions we ask ourselves when developing their social media strategy. At the forefront of those questions will be what channels should they be using within Facebook to continue to provide value to your target audience. I can say with certainty that under no circumstances will we advise to not have a Facebook Business Page. But for some, it may be beneficial to introduce Facebook Groups, in addition to your page. Here’s why: Groups are where it’s at.

It’s no secret that groups drive community. It’s more intimate; fans of your products or services feel like, “Hey, I belong here,” when you’re in a group. I liken a Facebook Group to a guest visiting your home. When you have a guest in your home, you go out of your way to welcome them. You want to make sure they’re comfortable; you offer them a drink, a snack or meal. You chat with them and make them feel like a part of your family for the duration of the visit.

You simply don’t get that intimacy on a Business Page. While you may be getting good interaction on your page, it does not compare to if you were operating in a group. Whereas Groups are welcomed visitors in your home, Pages are like the neighbor across the street that only wave as they go in and out of their home. Every once in a while they might even say “Hello!” but not often.

When it comes to business, building community and making an impact with customers, you’re in a better position to do those things in a group. When you join a group, Facebook interprets that as saying “These are my people,” so they show you that content more often.

A group will not make sense for every business type. If you fall into that category, remember, we're not panicking over here! What was clear from Zuckerberg’s post is that meaningful social interactions are the intended result. By approaching each post with this in mind, the content that we provide on pages will need to be smart- engaging, sparking conversation and action among your fans. If we do those things, Facebook will still reward you with increased reach.

As we move forward, I want to focus on how sharing GOOD content can REWARD you, versus how Facebook is “punishing” businesses. The truth is, there is some very sneaky corner-cutting happening on the platform. We’ve all seen the memes as video, or the requests to “Tag someone named _______” posts. They’re simply now weeding that out- those posts aren’t supporting Facebook’s mission.

Since I began The Social Crown, my goal has always been to focus on my client’s story and building community. The changes to Facebook’s algorithm will only allow for that story to be SEEN more often. How cool is it that the existing purpose of The Social Crown is already aligned with Facebook’s new direction? Look at you..being in the right place at the right time.

If you’d like to chat about your social media strategy, send me an email at or slide into my DMs on Facebook or Instagram! I’m looking forward to chatting with you and seeing your business GROW in the coming months.

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