The One Change You MUST Make For Your Social Media Strategy

Pull up a chair, ladies and gents. It's time for us to have a chat. I'm not sure how to put this nicely, so I'm just going to say it.

You're ruining Instagram.
You're ruining Instagram for your followers.
You're ruining it for your business.

Of course, I know that Instagram isn't an innocent bystander in all of this. I'm still not over them moving away from the chronological timeline. However, every time I hop on Instagram, with very few exceptions, I'm met with the same content that I literally just saw on Facebook.

That's not how any of this works. Or at least it's not supposed to work that way.

True, it is more simple to post a photo to IG and instantly share on Facebook. That's fine for your friend who posts daily selfies with flower crown filters. But for business owners and influencers? You're doing yourself a disservice.

Facebook and Instagram are very different platforms. At it's core, Facebook was created to foster conversation, to build a tight knit community. And while you can (and should) certainly have a community on Instagram, at it's core it's there to inspire us visually. In other words: Show us all the pretty things.

When you post the same content to both Facebook and Instagram, you're teaching your clients that it's only worth following you on one platform. Research says that a potential customer needs 3 - 5 encounters with you before they'll purchase-- so the more exposure they have to you, the better.

Posting the same content means they're likely to stop following and engaging with you on one platform, thus cutting down on your exposure to them, thus decreasing the likelihood for conversion to a sale.

Here's how to effectively share good content to both Facebook and Instagram:

1. Choose a THEME- No, I don't mean aesthetics. I mean for the day's or week's posts. Not only will that narrow down what to share- allowing you to home in on a strategy- your profile will look more cohesive.
2. Find Your ANGLE- with each group of photos, ask yourself which would work best on Facebook or Instagram? Remember, Facebook is for fostering conversation; Instagram is for visual inspiration. If you're sharing a cooking recipe or new blog post on Facebook, give some behind the scenes footage, or a blooper reel on Instagram!
3. Go where the PEOPLE ARE- 60% of Instagram users are watching IG stories more often than scrolling through their feed. Make sure that you're using this tool!

If this all sounds like too much for you, because TIME and you're a BUSINESS OWNER who can't spend all day thinking about Social Media, I get it. Consider 2 things- hiring a social media manager (like me) who can create a great social media marketing strategies and campaigns for you OR concentrate on doing one platform very well. Both are big decisions, but both could have tremendous benefits, if done properly!

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Kia Young