How To Conduct Online Business During A Natural Disaster

When you own a business, it’s easy to get tunnel vision— especially if that business is sales related. You have goals to make and chances are your family depends on your income to pay the bills.

I get it.

During times of natural disasters and crisis, like the Carolinas are experiencing with Hurricane Florence, right now is when you can show your true colors.

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IGTV: When and Why You Should Use It

Instagram just rolled out IGTV, a long-form, vertical video feature, available both inside Instagram and as a stand alone app. Content creators shouted from the rooftops, and rightfully so.

The beauty of IGTV is that it allows video for up to 10 minutes (and will eventually expand to 1 hour), which is a far cry from the previous minute we were limited.

Along with those who were incredibly excited for the new feature, there were MANY who reached out to me with—

“I *just* got the hang of stories…now here’s something else to learn.” *insert sad panda face here*

My answer was the same: Don’t fret! I’m here to help.

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