In addition to supporting my clients directly, I'm super passionate about teaching entrepreneurs and business owners how to use social media to grow their reach, build an engaged community that raves about you and, ultimately, drive sales.


I offer customized training, workshops and speaking engagements to help both you and your team
leverage social media to scale your business. Services include: 

Online Team Trainings
Individual Training + Coaching

Retreat Guest Speaker
Keynote Speaker
One on One Strategy Development for self-implementation
Custom Workshops & Website created specifically based on your team's needs


     Learn + Grow

"Had the opportunity to hear Kia speak at our Thirty-One training this past weekend! She is great with informing a group with helpful ideas to run a small business! She is bubbly and energetic while giving a great presentation!"
      -- Merrilee W.

By partnering with me your team will:

By partnering with me your team will_Be clear on who’s their ideal client Know what platforms they should be on and why Have a sense of proper Social Media Etiquette for both product based and service based sales Kno.png

Be Social With Me!