The Social Crown is a boutique social strategy agency for service based businesses. We’re committed to developing and implementing online strategies that center your brand's story and message. Our approach to social selling is weaving your unique story into all we do, resulting in lead generation and an incredibly loyal audience.

A better community with deeper connections.

Do any of these sound familiar?

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You have a thriving small business and recognize it's time to level up your social media game to grow. Or, you may have great social media presence, but you're ready to delegate that task to someone who understands your company and vision.

Together we'll develop a social media strategy that will resonate with your current audience, while bringing you new customers and expanding your community.

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You're a business owner that needs help with website content and/or ready for a focused strategy for your social media and content creation.

Together, we'll tackle each area of need and create a strategy that will best serves your vision. This will give you more time to devote to other places like your daily operations and being more present with your family & friends.

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You handle social media #LikeABoss but have a special project that's been on your to do list for too long- and no time to get it done. Enter The Social Crown.

We have a wide variety of skills to support you. Whether you need help with Pinterest management,  recycling content, creating a blog or newsletter, sales funnel designs, lead magnets, building an email list or more…we'll help you cross that project off your list!

The Process

We start with a discovery session, where I share what I've learned about your business through your researching your online footprint. We'll chat about your goals and what you envision for your customer's experience when they visit and encounter you online-- through social media, reviews, your website and more.

Then, we get down to strategy development. Together we'll create a comprehensive plan that's structured around your unique vision and needs. Next, we put that plan into action! Once executed, it won't be long before you see growth.

Kia young, owner of the social crown

Kia young, owner of the social crown

When your customers encounter you online, it should be an experience. Client connection is most powerful when it goes beyond just sharing the product and asking for the sale. We want to TELL, to NARRATE, CONNECT & CONVEY. It’s not only about distribution of information, but also encouraging and fostering conversation around your brand’s story.

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