Top Fan Badges: Increase Engagement On Your Facebook Business Page


When Top Fans rolled out on Facebook, I thought…not really sure why this is a thing. Well, a few months later and I can definitely see the genius— and the clear STRATEGY - behind being and having Top Fan badges.

The Facebook Algorithm can be fickle, but the truth is, it rewards true engagement and anything that drives conversation. The Facebook Business page is the lowest in hierarchy when it comes to how much reach you can obtain— personal profiles and groups reach more people than pages. BUT, by celebrating your Top Fans every month and encouraging your audience to become Top Fans through either small giveaways or some other bonus, you will see a jump in engagement and interactions with your posts, as long as you stay consistent.

Here’s the strategy I suggest:

1. Each month when your Top Fans are updated, screenshot the Top Fans and make a celebratory post.
2. Have a small bonus, giveaway, or discount through a drawing for those that are Top Fans.
3. Continue to do this, and let your audience know that Top Fans get rewards.
4. Post reminders of the giveaway throughout the month to help re-engage your community.

People love free. People love recognition. People love being celebrated. It’s kind of like the Love Languages: Social Media Edition for Words of Affirmation and Gifts.


Be strategic and creative by following up a highly engaging post with a post that CONVERTS in the comments section, you’re leveraging the fact that Facebook is sharing that particular post with expanded reach. Include a link to a relevant freebie, blog post, product, your mailing list— the possibilities are endless.

Now tell me, who are you a Top Fan FOR on Facebook? Hopefully The Social Crown! 😉