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What Is A Social Strategist, Exactly?

When I launched The Social Crown in 2017, I called myself a Social Media Manager, but as I learned more and navigated what parts of my business I excelled in, I quickly recognized that I was doing way more than managing most of my clients social media.

It took me over a year of running my business to land on the title Social Strategist. I didn’t choose it because I thought it sounded fancy. I chose it because I…

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How To Conduct Online Business During A Natural Disaster

If you’re at all interested in building a community of loyal customers, having relationships with the people who support your business and making their customer experience more than transactional; then be careful on how you approach those affected by a natural disaster.

Rather than asking directly for a sale, reach out to them to find out how they’re doing. Ask if you can help in some way, or to simply let them know they are in your thoughts. Doing this builds trust. That trust is what creates loyal community around your brand.

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