What Is A Social Strategist, Exactly?

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There are times when I share with people that I’m a Social Strategist and they know exactly what I do, but more often than not, I have to go into greater detail on how I serve my clients.

When I launched The Social Crown in 2017, I called myself a Social Media Manager, but as I learned more and navigated what parts of my business I excelled in, I quickly recognized that I was doing way more than managing most of my clients social media.

It took me over a year of running my business to land on the title Social Strategist. I didn’t choose it because I thought it sounded fancy. I chose it because I…

deep dive into ideal client psyche.
create content plans for social media, email marketing, video, and blog posts.
audit and update website copy to ensure it resonates with my clients target audience.
develop lead generation strategy.
create and execute marketing campaigns.
upgrade my clients full online presence so their ideal customers have a cohesive brand storytelling experience from the website, to social media, to the inbox.

And once the strategies are in place, we ensure that it all converts by implementing that strategy via my agency, The Social Crown.

Our clients have a full-on, 360 degree comprehensive social strategy, all within an environment of trust, teamwork and open, healthy communication.

See why I no longer call myself a Social Media Manager? While me and my team do manage social media, that title minimized our offer.

More people than ever are starting their own businesses, and we basically get to make up our own titles and call ourselves whatever we want. Add to this, a lot of heavy worded, flowery “elevator pitches” and there is a lot of confusion in the digital marketing space.

It’s important to be super clear and simplify the message of how we serve our clients. It’s the only way to separate yourself from the (loud) online noise.

Simply put: your title and elevator pitch shouldn’t just tell people what you do, it tells HOW you do it.

This piece of advice has served me well in all aspects of business and strategy— spend more time on clarifying how you serve, rather than what you are.

Once you figure that piece out, the everything else comes naturally.

Now it’s your turn! Tell me what you do and how you serve others in the comments below.