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The One Change You MUST Make For Your Social Media Strategy

Facebook and Instagram are very different platforms. At it's core, Facebook was created to foster conversation, to build a tight knit community. And while you can (and should) certainly have a community on Instagram, at it's core it's there to inspire us visually. In other words: Show us all the pretty things.

When you post the same content to both Facebook and Instagram, you're teaching your clients that it's only worth following you on one platform. Research says that a potential customer needs 3 - 5 encounters with you before they'll purchase-- so the more exposure they have to you, the better.

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The Algorithm Myth

With the new changes to social platforms algorithms, being announced constantly many businesses are left wondering HOW to get attention they need on social media, especially Facebook and Instagram.

For the majority of social users, their reason for accessing social media is to connect with family and friends. From a personal standpoint- I welcome any opportunity to have more access to the people I follow online. We’re a military family…so I’m always looking forward to hearing and seeing our nieces, nephew, siblings, parents and friends in my newsfeed .

But for business owners, social media is a key avenue in reaching current and potential customers. And when those new algorithm changes happen, some are often scrambling to reevaluate how they’ll leverage the opportunity to get in front of those customers.

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