How To Conduct Online Business During A Natural Disaster


When you own a business, it’s easy to get tunnel vision— especially if that business is sales related. You have goals to make and chances are your family depends on your income to pay the bills.

I get it.

During times of natural disasters and crisis, like the Carolinas are experiencing with Hurricane Florence, right now is when you can show your true colors.

Are you TRULY about others? Do you TRULY care about your customers?

If you’re at all interested in building a community of loyal customers, having relationships with the people who support your business and making their customer experience more than transactional; then be careful on how you approach those affected by a natural disaster.

Rather than asking directly for a sale, reach out to them to find out how they’re doing. Ask if you can help in some way, or to simply let them know they are in your thoughts. Doing this builds trust. That trust is what creates loyal community around your brand.

When people know you have their back, they will go out of their way to support you.

Here’s an example:
Last night I received an email from someone interested in having us manage their social media. In the email, the potential client mentioned that as they were typing the email, it was possible that I was dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Florence. They acknowledged the disaster and told me to take my time responding.

Now, this person had no clue that my family evacuated to Tennessee. But, as I was reading the email, I appreciated their compassion and am excited about the possibility of working with them.

On the flip side, 10 minutes ago I received a message on Facebook with someone attempting to sell me their health program [MLM]. This person and I are “Facebook friends” but not in the way where they’d know what was truly going on in my life.

A quick check on my timeline would’ve given her all she needed to know.

“Hi kia!! hope you’re doing great. we’re starting our next challenge on Monday. are you interested in hearing more?”

Which person would you choose to do business with?

Yesterday, I had a call with my team (shout out to Stacey and Sarah!) where I reiterated what we are all about at The Social Crown. Our tagline is Deeper Connections, Better Community. We want to tell stories, we want to connect and we want to help our clients build relationships that go beyond one sale.

Check on your people. That’s one way to build those deeper connections and build better community. Every time!