The Algorithm Myth


With the new changes to social platforms algorithms, being announced constantly many businesses are left wondering HOW to get attention they need on social media, especially Facebook and Instagram.

For the majority of social users, their reason for accessing social media is to connect with family and friends. From a personal standpoint- I welcome any opportunity to have more access to the people I follow online. We’re a military family…so I’m always looking forward to hearing and seeing our nieces, nephew, siblings, parents and friends in my newsfeed .

But for business owners, social media is a key avenue in reaching current and potential customers. And when those new algorithm changes happen, some are often scrambling to reevaluate how they’ll leverage the opportunity to get in front of those customers. Some even feel like they can’t win or compete with the ever-changing algorithm, so they stop trying…and social media becomes the enemy.

And while we’re aware that at the end of the day, the social giants want to make revenue, it’s also in their best interest for users to have a good experience on their platform. So, NO, the algorithm isn’t out to “get you.” In many cases, the algorithm can HELP you.

The answer lies not only in the type of content you share, but also how you share it. Staying relevant is key.

 The Social Crown’s  tagline is “Deeper connections. Better Community.” That’s been our mission from Day 0. Usually when we see these algorithm changes, they are in alignment to that mission. To be able to connect with the right people and build deeper social communities.

When it comes to our clients, both current and prospective, there are specific questions we ask ourselves when developing a social media strategy, that keep us ahead of each change.

At the forefront right now is asking “Are we utilizing the right channels within each platform that help us build connections?” For example: is there an opportunity to leverage Facebook Groups in addition to having a Business page? Facebook recently announced a focus on groups.

Here’s why: Groups are where it’s at when it comes to users feeling more connected.

Closed groups drive community simply because they’re more intimate; fans of your products or services feel like, “Hey, I belong here because we have this common interest,” when you’re in a group. I liken a Facebook Group to a guest visiting your home. When you have a guest in your home, you go out of your way to welcome them. You want to make sure they’re comfortable; you offer them a drink, a snack or meal. You chat with them and make them feel like a part of your family for the duration of the visit.

You simply don’t get that intimacy on a Business Page. While you may be getting good interaction on your page, it does not compare to if you were operating in a group. Whereas Groups are welcomed visitors in your home, Pages are like the neighbor across the street that only wave as they go in and out of their home. Every once in a while they might even say “Hello!” And you’re not quite so sure if you have those common interests the same as if you were in a group that is central to one common topic.

All that being said, a group will not make sense for every business type. Additionally, groups require more attention. So it’s not a decision you should take lightly, or jump into without a strategy and assurance that you have the time and/or help needed to build.

If you are a business owner where a group doesn’t make sense at first glance, it may be worth it to explore with a social strategist or get social media management help. If neither of those are options for you, remember that meaningful social interactions exist on every social platform, and each platform rewards you sharing content that drives engagement. You’ll just need to be very strategic in what you share. Your content will need to be smart- engaging, sparking conversation and action among your fans. If you do those things, you will gain increased reach.

Since I began The Social Crown, my goal has always been to focus on my client’s story and building community. We view any and all algorithm changes as an opportunity for that story to be SEEN more often. Our clients know that the existing purpose of The Social Crown is already aligned with social platforms objectives. Talk about being in the right place at the right time!

If you’d like to chat about your social media strategy, send me an email at I’m looking forward to chatting with you and seeing your business GROW in the coming months.