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The Social Crown


We believe the better people know you,
the easier it is to choose to do business with you.

Kia Young, Social Strategist + CEO of The Social Crown


What We Do…

We synchronize your website, social media, and content marketing with your objectives— ensuring your ideal clients and customers have a unique experience when they come in contact with your brand. One that deepens connections, builds community, and most importantly, converts.

We bring brands to LIFE online by adding personality, humanity, and story to your social strategy.

How We Do It…

Social Strategy Development
Through a one-of-a-kind process we get to the heart of who your ideal clients are, how you want to serve and show up for them, and your overall objectives. Based on our observations, we develop a strategy for delivering content to your customers that resonates deeply— turning them into raving fans while bringing you desired results.

Social Strategy Implementation
Once your social strategy is in place, our agency gets to work with executing the strategy through done-for-you services, including:
— Social Media Management
— Content Creation for Newsletters, Blogs, and more
— Social Marketing like Facebook Ads, Email Marketing, and Funnel Design
— Consultations + Workshops


She is a strategic and creative thinker, always coming up with ideas and plans that perfectly speak to my target audience and puts my brand in a position to easily sell my services.



Meet Kia

I’m a proud Military Spouse and Mom to 3 with a deep affinity for Tacos and Disney World. Oh, and I’m OBSESSED with doing a great job for our clients. 

I’ve always had a naturally curious mind. When I’d come across something I loved, whether it be a local store, a new book, or a new perspective, I always wanted to know EVERYTHING about how it came to pass.

I wanted to know the owner, the author, how the idea sparked, what was the process to bring their dream to reality.

Simply put, I’m intrigued with the WHY.

It didn’t take me long to connect the dots— once I knew and respected someone’s WHY, I instantly became their champion! I wanted to support them, I’d share with all my friends and all over social. I believed in their dream as if it were my own. Not enough people (or businesses) have caught onto this unique way of selling. And for service based businesses, giving your potential client a peek behind the curtains, and answering their WHY upfront is for a must.

So, my curiosity (read: nosey-ness) led me to my passion— getting to tell stories about businesses and connecting them with their own champions. Building better communities and deeper connections.


20 Questions With Kia

1. Coke or Pepsi? Sweet Tea
2. Beach or Mountains? Give Me Both
3. Meyers-Briggs? ENFP — The Campaigner
4Favorite TV Show? Game of Thrones
5. Favorite Artist? Prince
6. If you could spend a day with any celebrity, past or present who would it be? Tracee Ellis Ross
7. Last Vacation? Disney World!
8. Next Vacation? Disney World!
9. Favorite food? Tacos
10. Best book you've ever read? The Kite Runner
11.  What are you obsessed with? Disney! (Shocking, I know.)
12. Hidden Talent? I don’t hide my talents.
13. Guilty Pleasure? Reality TV. All of it.  
14. What do you do to relax if you're stressed? Listen to Classical Music or go on a Hike.   
15. Favorite Holiday? Thanksgiving
16. Sports Team? UT Vols
17. Favorite Wine? Pinot Grigio
18. Favorite Season? Summer
19. Genie is granting you one selfish wish, what is it? For Target to have kid free shopping hours.
20. Pet Peeve? I have a list a mile long. I’ll tell you about it over lunch.


About The Social Crown
+ Our Mascot, The Pineapple

The Pineapple is the official mascot of The Social Crown. Being Southern born and raised, I've always known the Pineapple is the symbol of Hospitality. In the Colonial days, having the crowned fruit at a social event meant that you were in a welcoming space of friendship. Today, in the South, the symbol of hospitality carries on.